Monthly Archives: September 2015


Blessed beyond measure tonight after the webinar…was able to go into my BLOG and make my first entry!  I have taken a huge step of FAITH on developing myself into an amazing LEADER to INSPIRE others to do the same.  Helping others by lifting their spirits with a BIG SMILE or even better…a really BIG HUG!!!  Seven years ago, my life had fallen apart…I lost everything, my JOB, children & even my sweet SUGAR cat that I had for 18 years.  As I tried to keep my FAITH…understanding to ALWAYS have FAITH vs fear, because the LORD is always NEAR!!!  At that time, GOD placed me exactly where I needed to be…in the arms of LOVING sisters & brothers in CHRIST!!!  Joined the most AMAZING church, plugged into the small groups, life groups, attended anything I wanted, because I COULD DO IT!!!  I even drove around downtown with I LOVE FIREFIGHTERS on the back of my car…all because I could TELL the WORLD I LOVE them…because by the GRACE of GOD, I am WORTHY to share GOD’s LOVE in anyway I CHOSE, so I DID!!!  I did not want to have a PITY party for myself, so I was asked if I wanted to serve at the city MISSION…I was EXCITED!!!  How fun it would be to help others in need…but my HEART broke for these precious children of GOD.  I always wanted to share my HUGS with ALL and not serve them the food…they knew if they saw me, they knew a BIG BIG BIG HUG was coming TOO!!!  Truly a HUGE blessing in my life, when I could just sit there and fellowship with these precious people.  A SMILE would always make their day, night or moment.  Then on Sunday’s after church we would meet in Forsyth Park to feed our PRECIOUS friends in the park…again, I felt called from behind the counter serving the plates to greeting 200-250+ friends in the line with a REALLY BIG HUG…they began to tell me, well, we have met both in town.  We have met the town MUGGER and now the TOWN HUGGER!!!  Truly is a BLESSING to feel the LOVE of others…especially with BIG HUGS!!!  Sweet Dreams