Week 4 Masterkey thoughts

Hey ya’ll ~ welcome back to week 4 of the Master Keys thoughts & experiences.  Blessed to know, that once I start something it will be completed…maybe not completed in others time frame…I WILL UNTIL is my new mindset.  Committing to being “ALL IN” on finding your Dharma, your BLISS!!!  Starting a process to form “GOOD HABITS”.   Don’t ever quit building your DREAMS that GOD gave you the vision & ability to SEE!!!  Dream BIG!!!

Week 3 ALL about YOUR charts!

Hey there my precious peeps!


Blessed beyond measure to be a part of this amazing self DISCOVERY.  As I have reached a time in my life to be the BEST that GOD has created me to be.  Our journey is REAL. The struggles are REAL.  We may never be ashamed to ASK for help as long as we are still moving forward.  Communicating our efforts may help you reach another goal.  NEVER giving up.  May each of you be BLESSED with an amazing week, do the very BEST you can do and know that GOD is painting an amazing masterpiece with each of us…BIG BIG BIG HUGS!!!


Blessed beyond measure tonight after the webinar…was able to go into my BLOG and make my first entry!  I have taken a huge step of FAITH on developing myself into an amazing LEADER to INSPIRE others to do the same.  Helping others by lifting their spirits with a BIG SMILE or even better…a really BIG HUG!!!  Seven years ago, my life had fallen apart…I lost everything, my JOB, children & even my sweet SUGAR cat that I had for 18 years.  As I tried to keep my FAITH…understanding to ALWAYS have FAITH vs fear, because the LORD is always NEAR!!!  At that time, GOD placed me exactly where I needed to be…in the arms of LOVING sisters & brothers in CHRIST!!!  Joined the most AMAZING church, plugged into the small groups, life groups, attended anything I wanted, because I COULD DO IT!!!  I even drove around downtown with I LOVE FIREFIGHTERS on the back of my car…all because I could TELL the WORLD I LOVE them…because by the GRACE of GOD, I am WORTHY to share GOD’s LOVE in anyway I CHOSE, so I DID!!!  I did not want to have a PITY party for myself, so I was asked if I wanted to serve at the city MISSION…I was EXCITED!!!  How fun it would be to help others in need…but my HEART broke for these precious children of GOD.  I always wanted to share my HUGS with ALL and not serve them the food…they knew if they saw me, they knew a BIG BIG BIG HUG was coming TOO!!!  Truly a HUGE blessing in my life, when I could just sit there and fellowship with these precious people.  A SMILE would always make their day, night or moment.  Then on Sunday’s after church we would meet in Forsyth Park to feed our PRECIOUS friends in the park…again, I felt called from behind the counter serving the plates to greeting 200-250+ friends in the line with a REALLY BIG HUG…they began to tell me, well, we have met both in town.  We have met the town MUGGER and now the TOWN HUGGER!!!  Truly is a BLESSING to feel the LOVE of others…especially with BIG HUGS!!!  Sweet Dreams